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LD Start Up Business Program

The Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program is a dynamic and comprehensive 4-week initiative designed to empower young diverse entrepreneurs in their pursuit of launching or rebranding their businesses. This program combines expert guidance, practical knowledge, mentorship, and resources to equip participants with the skills and insights needed to succeed in the competitive world of business.


Your Start Up Program

This 4-week program starts in January where we will meet virtually for 1 hour every week on Zoom and cover the basics of starting a profitable business in 2024. We will invite subject matter expert facilitators to join us and share their knowledge about key business topics to help you reach your goal.

January 6

Building a Business Plan

Participants will learn how to refine their business concepts and validate their ideas in the market. They'll work with the material provided and experts to ensure their ideas are not just viable but have the potential for significant profitability.

January 13

Go-To-Market Plan

In this week, understanding your target market and creating a solid business strategy to reach them is crucial. This session will provide the tools and knowledge necessary to conduct market research, understand how to attract buyers, and develop a strategic plan for success.

January 20

Brand Development & Marketing

Learn the art of branding and marketing to make your business stand out. From creating a memorable brand identity to leveraging digital marketing techniques, you'll be equipped with the skills to effectively reach and engage your audience.

January 27

Customer Advocacy & Network Strategy

Customer advocacy is a powerful marketing strategy that builds trust, credibility, and brand loyalty while driving growth through the authentic voices of satisfied customers. It's a win-win, where happy customers become your most persuasive brand ambassadors.


The program is free. Funding provided by Uzima Microgrant & The Government of Canada. 

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