Behind The Curtain With A Graphic Designer

Every industry has hidden secrets. For me I’ve always found that you can uncover these secrets by asking questions, keeping up with industry groups and through reflection on my personal experiences.

This Urban Guide comes from my experience working as a professional marketing director and graphic design coordinator.

When I work with many start-up brands and business leaders I often share some insights and tips to consider when you find yourself working with creatives.

Read some ‘behind the curtain’ insights when working with a graphic designer/creative.

Download the PDF Urban Guide Below

Behind The Curtain Working With Creatives



It is easier and cheaper to work with a creative than you think. Check out freelance sites.

Know what you want out of the connection.

Review the contract and scope of work in detail, don’t be afraid to ask and ensure you get what you want.

Styles change but make sure the work you pay for will last for a longer time


See you in the next Urban Guide

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