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Happy New Year from Urban Guide to the Galaxy! ~ Read to start the year with a bang

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

That’s a wrap on 2017. You will probably agree that 2017 has had its ups and downs.

For me, 2017 was a great year. I graduated from university, started my diploma program, led a successful fundraiser event for charity, and moved home. Unfortunately like many others my year was full of struggles as well. Nonetheless, I am hopeful and optimistic of what the universe has in store for me, always.

In true optimist form, this post will break down the advantages of future planning and provide simple tips on setting S.M.A.R.T Objectives with easy-to-follow tactics.

Keep reading to start your year with a bang


Advantages of Future Planning:

  1. Looking forward at your life yields motivation and pride

  2. Subconsciously involves the sense of community and oneness

  3. Positive Mood, Motivation, Pride

Disadvantage Another advantage:

That feeling you get when you don’t achieve your goal and you feel bad about yourself and defeated but then you channel that passion and use it to make yourself a stronger person. No matter how long it takes.

Setting SMART Objectives:

S – Smart M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Relevant T – Timely

To set realistic goals, the criteria above should help craft detailed a plan to guide your new year.

Here’s an example of a smart objective –

Example 1:

Starting January, increase frequency of visits to the gym from twice a month to five times per month to build physical strength and promote well-being.

The objective above has all the components of a S.M.A.R.T plan it is measurable by frequency, attainable because it is a realistic number, relevant because he/she would like to build strength and promote well-being, and timely because it has a starting month of January.

Example 2:

Reduce junk food consumption (i.e. candy bars) to once every two weeks starting February 2018 by monitoring sugar intake.

This objective is specifically focused on sugar consumption and reducing the amount of candy bar he/she has.

New Year, Same Guides

Now that you have read the format make some SMART objectives for yourself this new year and stay focused on the things you want to achieve. Thanks for reading this Urban Guide. My hope is to continue to guide, inspire, and inform others like me who at times feel lost in the world and offer a sense of direction. There is more in store for this year and beyond.


Happy New Year

See you in the next Urban Guide.

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