Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Why I love creating lead generation landing pages for my clients while building out their website.

Landing pages are a great way to capture client interest if and when they stumble across your site.

Most online businesses use lead generating landing pages on their main website to collect information (usually email addresses) in exchange for a free digital product or incentive.

Lead Generation Example #1:

Lead Generation Example #2:

As you can see, they offer a very clear and simple reward in exchange for valuable data - an email address.

Gathering emails is one of the most direct and impactful ways to find leads and is actually the first step to a successful email marketing campaign.

Why I choose a 'coming soon' / 'join the waitlist' option for my clients?

- It tells the world that something is coming and reminds the client's audience to come back soon because there is something worth waiting for at the domain address they clicked on.

- My clients can send their family and friends the link to see their page showing them that their business idea is transforming out of the idea phase and starting to become real.

- It provides a glimpse into the final product which is the website and serves as a great signal to the client that my agency is working to build their little corner of the internet.

- It begins the search enginge indexing phase so the site can be properly read and tagged. If more people come across the landing page then search engines are already able to score the site as a source of information and begin the process of attaining a higher ranking.

- It serves as a nice homepage to use again if I ever have to go in again and work on the website after hours. Once the site is live the landing page is no longer needed.

Quite often as an agency, there will be times when the clients request changes or updates that are best done after hours when traffic to the site is low. Setting up the landing page is a great welcome mat to users who still visit the site when it's down temporarily.

- If the landing page is linked to my agency website, I can share the projects I have on the go with potential clients. As it is only a glimpse, it serves as a signal that I am booked and busy so it's better to lock down their hours with me sooner rather than later.


Landing pages are great for all types of service and product-based businesses. If you want to sell tickets or get more views on your nurture content, then I always suggest setting up a lead generation landing page and directing all your socials to it.

See you in the next guide.

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