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1. Free Consultation

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Every business is different which means the scope of marketing and advisory services changes depending on your needs. We always start with a hassle free 30-minute consultation to identify: 

  1. What are your goals? 

  2. What stage of business development are you in? 

  3. What is your project timeline? 

  4. Can LEON DESIGNS help or do we have an industry partner to connect you with?

2. Scope of Work

Follow Up

Our coordinators use the consultation notes to develop a one page scope of work with details of the marketing project, initiatives, timeline and estimate.

Occasionally we will suggest to phase out the project based on timing, personnel or budgetary requirements (e.g. Phase 1: website, Phase 2: app).

After, an estimate will be presented with a timeline and a list of deliverables that we need to begin the project. You or your team will have the opportunity to add notes, comments, or suggestions to confirm alignment or add any comments.

3. Engagement Plan

Progress Report

Are you hands on or hands off? Our team remains transparent with project timelines to provide business owners like yourself the opportunity to see your vision come to life. Through the length of the project, an account manager with set up an engagement plan to inform you of the project status as it unfolds. This includes one live working session with the designer to teach you how to use the site, make edits, or upgrades for best results. We want our owners to actually have ownership of their online business but If you prefer a hands-off approach, monthly maintenance plans are available at a discounted price and we'll keep everything running smoothly.